(( Really didn’t expect to come back to see there’s enough queue to last for another two months. ))

(( But I guess that’s what I get for underestimating my own love for skimming through my tags and just dying to reblog everything I love in them.

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. To be honest, I’ve decided against wanting to continue playing The Dolorosa here. My muse has died. I don’t remember if I’ve told anyone where or not. I did let Mindfang know not long after the realization came to me that I did not feel the character any longer. However!! The recent update with Porrim has me wanting so badly to play the woman. I may or may not create a new blog for her. I may or may not just change this blog into her blog. I have too many fond memories here just to leave it all behind. I kind of cannot believe I still have some followers left over throughout my absence.

I’ll be honest, I’m planning on applying for Porrim Maryam on deviantArt, where I administrate for a Homestuck roleplaying group. I’ve been an inactive member for a while there because of a taxing from work, home drama and literal just drifting away from Homestuck because of a lack of activity and drive to be apart of the fandom. I love you guys so much, it has nothing to do with anything but personal reasons. I fall out of things quickly, but I always return to them. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for my muses. So I’m officially retiring The Dolorosa / Lucienne. You know, in case I haven’t already. I hope you guys enjoy what’s left of the blog. I’ll miss you all.

No, unless I decide to just reuse this account, I won’t be giving away my new account via here, but I might post it on a different blog. I have a human!Vriska blog that is listed on my ‘Other Blogs’ page. Feel free to look through those, by the way. I’ve abandoned all but my personal (and it has about four blogs attached to it because I didn’t want to worry about logging in and out of accounts for ask blogs), but I intend on eventually returning to the human!Vriska with some spice of some sort. The eventual return hasn’t really had much more planning that ‘TADA I AM BACK’ so there is some planning to be done there. My Nepeta blog, as much as I have no desire to be on there anymore, left an impression of ‘First-Roleplay-Blog-On-Tumblr’ and shall never be deleted.

If you would like to, you may follow my personal blog, which is thepounceller. I’m following certain people on there. I kind of actually came back because an old friend of mine and I began to talk again. She’s one of the three people that started me roleplaying on tumblr. If you notice, I’m much more active there. Certain people that I actually want to keep in contact with I will be following from my personal. If you don’t want to just follow me there, you can send me an ask from my personal asking for my Skype. Please don’t ask here since I won’t be returning to check my askbox. Not unless I decide to make this a Porrim roleplay blog. See you guys in another lifetime! It was a lot of fun roleplaying and creating plots with you guys! <3 ))

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(( Sorry about that ))

(( Just cleaning out the queue ))

a nifty guide to alternia/troll culture

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Really cute relationships people forget about




















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